How to measure the size of your goalkeeper’s glove

This time we will give tips / how to measure goat gloves so we are not wrong in determining goalie gloves. Goats gloves on each brand/brand will have different sizes, so the first thing to do before buying goat’s gloves is to check the standard size whether the size of Europe or Asia? Before we discuss further measures, we should first know the type of goalie gloves, so we know the function and can maximize the use. Don’t forget to also check out the, if you wish to know the recommended brands and types of goalkeeper’s gloves.

There are different types of goat gloves:

Goalkeeper gloves equipped with finger save. These gloves are usually worn by a beginner or amateur, where the goalkeeper needs extra protectors for his fingers. The weakness of gloves by using finger save is the hand is not free to move, stiff, and inflexible, ultimately the flexibility to catch the ball will be slightly reduced. The advantage of goat gloves using finger save is, the maximum protection against the fingers because the spin in the stripes of the fingers of the glove will protect the fingers when you’re catching the fast moving ball from the opponent.

Goalkeeper gloves equipped with Latex. These gloves are usually worn by a professional player or national team player, where the goalkeeper does not require extra protection for his fingers, but he can enjoy the flexibility of catching the ball. Goalkeeping gloves equipped with latex are considered to have enough extra protection, with the super latex usually professional players resistant to the collision of the ball in the capture. Standart thickness of latex is usually 3 x 3 mm, which is felt quite soft when you’re catching the ball.

Here’s how to easily measure goalkeeper gloves with Asian standard size

1. Coming Into Nearest Sports Store

This is a super duper way, Agan lives in a sports shop in a mall or close to home. Then ask permission to the shopkeeper to obtain gloves to buy. If you’ve tried, tell the seller “I’ll come back again” and then you might try to go away soon. However, how if the gloves that we want to buy are not sold freely, and only in the online store? Please read the second tip.

2. Prepare gauges, or use a tangled fabric meter.

3. Wrap the meter in the palm of your hand, the thumbs should not be measured.

4. View the measurement results using Inchi units

5. After that do the rounding, add 1 “of the rounding result Then you will get the size of gloves or glove for your hand

6. Sample Rounding based on the above data.

Rounded up (Recommended):
8, 9 “-> 9” + 1 “= 10”. Thus the size of the glove that fits your hand is 10. The usage will be looser.
Rounded down:
8, 9 “-> 8” + 1 “= 9”. Thus the size of the glove that fits your hand is 9. Its use will be narrower.

So easy way to determine the size of the right goat glove for you. Good luck.

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